The Secret Hearth is an artist collective nestled in the wet woodlands of Appalachia. We seek to inspire and entertain the imaginations of our audience through various fantasy works, strange and dark. We produce podcasts, interactive fiction, graphic novels, and tabletop role-playing systems.



Our primary artist and illustrator. She is an accomplished voice actress and dedicated lizard mother. Her hobbies include racing snails, making pancakes, digesting media from the 1980s, basking in the sun, and reading dark children books out loud at odd hours. Her favorite series of novels is the Edge Chronicles.

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Our general game master, novice alchemist, and purveyor of liminal spaces. He enjoys tea, crying over fictional characters, candles, crafting masks, the scent of basements, and laying in sensory deprivation tanks. His favorite tome is the Codex Serephinianus.

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Our audio engineer and diviner. He enjoys playing guitar, climbing mountains, story telling, and rock hopping. If you would like to hear more of his music, fill a human skull with acorns and shake it into the night. His favorite fiction is the Dark Tower Series.

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Our RPG expert and resident moonshiner. He is a master character actor, and his middle name is a direction. He enjoys tossing tomahawks with deadly precision, strumming mandolins, advocating proper beard care, and singing shanties. His most preferred tale is The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.

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Our book binder, maker of fine talismans, and orater of old works. He relishes in singing to and speaking poetry to the trees deep within the Appalachian forest. His most favored manuscript is Seek The Throat From Which We Sing.

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