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Secret Hearth takes great pride in offering a number of role-playing games with outstanding quality and otherworldly contents. The digital versions of our games will always be free. If you love our content and wish to support us, you can find our games on Drive Thru and for pay-what-you-want. We never stop creating, so stay tuned for other peculiar projects.

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Secret Hearth’s flagship game of reality-warping spells, impactful combat, modular character creation, and occult tones. Our wickedly weird swords and sorcery system will help you weave tales of determined dungeoneers, strange spirits, and mythical forests.

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The Red Table is a parlor game wherein you take on the role of a council of dwarves carving out their home within an ancient mountain. It’s play can be a vital tool for worldbuilding, but is best done in a casual manner among close friends. It is a calm, slow game of strategy, conversation, and shoddy cartography.



A story game about small town nostalgia, and the melancholy of leaving your home. Take on the roles of ghost kids as they take their last walk through town - making memories with each other, and leaving those memories behind.



A one-page game about nature gods defending their forest from enterprising industrialists. Spook hikers and campers to gain belief, perform feats of supernatural fury against tides of corporate goons, and uphold the old ways of the wood - by fang, blade, and flame.



An unhinged, neon-infused space mission game led by an endless, semi-omniscient A.I. All mechanics (including character creation) runs entirely off a series of tables, so no galaxy romp will ever be without surprises!



A deliberately surreal, masterless, one page story game about venturing through a mystical dreamscape engineered by your fellow players. This game is best played at 4 a.m.